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While I use the name “composer” to describe what I do, my projects are diverse. I’ve recorded the welcome song for a nursery, scored documentaries, provided background music for a US literacy app, scored an advert for TV, provided rehearsal tracks for choirs to perform, played jazz clarinet for two dozen short films, as well as being commissioned to score numerous corporates, promos and features. I write choral works and I regularly compose songs for my own pleasure. I have released a 50-track library album for film-makers, as well as soundtracks for my most popular scores. Between commissions I spend my time writing books on music and culture from a Christian perspective.

Film Music Commissions

Find more examples at the Film Music Portfolio.


Choral Compositions

Hear more works at Music to Sing, including solo Psalm settings.



I am privileged to work with film-makers close to home, when my role as composer is just one title on a project. DVDs available in the Shop.


Musician for Hire

There are many applications of musical skill beside composition. I undertake audio realisation work for choirs. I also play the clarinet. Read my testimonials at Feedback. Find out more about my Musical Training.


Speech and Song

I have always loved singing and enjoy the occasional commission to compose and produce songs, such as these for children. Poetry is a past-time and a small volume of my poetry is available in the Shop.



Music is not my religion. I am a Calvinist. As I think, I write. As I write, I publish. There are Books on Music, Books on Culture, Books on History and Treasured Reprints. Available in the Shop.



Available now. Listen first here.

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