When Hate is Cathartic

A controversy is looming. Margaret Thatcher's death is being celebrated by the Left's appropriation of the song Ding Dong the Witch is Dead from The Wizard of Oz film. Its presence in the charts would usually necessitate it being played in Radio 1's Sunday-evening Top 40 countdown. Since this manipulation of the charts has been contrived to register hatred of the late former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, some say that it should not be played.

Mark Biddis, who has led the campaign for the song to reach no. 1 believes it would be tantamount to censorship if the song was not played. He obviously values censorship as a "sin", whilst not thinking there can be anything wrong in promoting an Orwellian style "minute of hate" for those who do not mourn the passing of Margaret Thatcher and have chosen to celebrate instead.

Biddis describes the use of the song as "cathartic", defined as "providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions".

The open hatred of Margaret Thatcher is not to do with her politics as much as what she represents - an old civilisation, with values that might have been more traditional than Christian, but certainly people who did not welcome the sexual revolution of the 60s, the breakdown in society and the current liberalism. It is funny that we use the word such people have chosen for themselves - liberal. They are far from liberal, as the current degrading street parties to celebrate Mrs. Thatcher's death demonstrate. These people are not tolerant of her. They are not tolerant of anyone in authority having the right and duty to uphold higher standards than those in the gutter entertain.

These liberals find it cathartic to use Ding Dong because they are full of hate. They are anti-Christian humanists. And humanism only has one view of music. The humanist uses music for destruction and is bent on destroying music.

They will destroy the pleasure of watching The Wizard of Oz by their appropriation of this song and the connotations which we will not be able to forget. Just as the liberals stole Secret Love from Calamity Jane. They cannot write catchy songs themselves. So they steal, pervert, subvert and then throw away. Until we will have nothing left. Much as they would like to do in society.