A Sharpened Antithesis & the London Humanist Choir

Henry R. Van Til said that we are influenced by what we oppose and that is true. As Christians, we recognise error and distance ourselves from it. We try to be more consistent in the face of obvious inconsistency. However, we are not defined by the difference.

By contrast, the London Humanist Choir is a screaming example of people who are defined by their hate. They hate God. They hate the Lord Jesus Christ. And when the members of the choir gather, they sing in order to mock the Lord. That is their worship and their damnation.

But what else do such people have to sing about? It is a perversion in religious terms and a subversion of musical talent to use it to deny the glory of God and profane the Lord’s name.

The Christian response is righteous anger that such blasphemy is permitted. All are judged and such works do not go unpunished. But not in this life by us. The Christian’s duty is to sing. We do not sing like the pagan, in order to cover wickedness with beauty and hope to purge and cleanse the world. We sing Psalms according to God’s commandment in order to praise the true God, in order to worship our Saviour as Prophet, Priest and King, and in order to sing for the just judgment of God to bring down every knee in his good time.