Dead Saviours

While so much in British politics is on hold to avoid leaving Europe, the government are proceeding with plans to make all bodies the possession of the State. In a short time, we will be presumed to be organ donors unless we take the trouble to opt-out:

This has been the law in Wales for the last 3 years, so that those of us visiting Wales for the day have been in an ambiguous position: if there was a terrible road accident, would they check whether we were resident in Wales before taking our organs or after?

The opt-out is available ( but it is not fool proof. Before my brother had his tumour removed ten years ago, the consultant surgeon reassured my parents that he would under no circumstances remove his leg on the operating table; but before going under the anaesthetic, alone, my brother had to sign a disclaimer allowing the surgeon to do just that if he deemed it to be necessary. The tumour would not have been removed if he had not signed to allow them to take his leg as well. There is nothing to stop people being put over a barrel in the future, that if we do not agree to have our organs harvested at death then we will not be treated in life.

The BBC is not just complicit in this matter but aggressively so. Their propaganda is that those who donate organs save lives, they are saviours. We are told that by our death we can save other people and that such a selfless act will ease the mourning of our relatives, as though the dead continue to live, resurrected in someone else’s body.

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The media promote the idea that we are justified in our death if we leave our organs to others.

No one asks why the young father in this article died of a brain tumour or the young lady above died of a brain haemorrhage. That aspect is ignored. What matters to the media is the metamorphosis of the dead into saviours so that we will all stop being squeamish about brutalising the dead.

We are not saviours. We are all going to die. And the media will not lift a finger to support the Church’s role in teaching people why they are here, what they must do to be saved, and what God requires them to do. That is taboo. Telling people that their bodies are owned by the State is not.

It is estimated by the propagandists that 700 lives will be “saved” every year by this change in the law. That same number are legally murdered every day in Britain under abortion legislation. Why do we trust the government to be acting in our best interest by claiming ownership of our organs, when in the case of the babe in the womb, it may commit murder and call it an act of compassion?

Propaganda and the BBC's war against Christianity

If a nation is founded on Christian principles and consists of individuals bound by a confession and taught a creed, they are unlikely to be swayed by a story, a film or a piece of music that contravenes those standards. The English surrender to the Arts appeared as Christian belief declined. It has produced a society that is susceptible to be influenced through artistic channels, as expounded in Music Mania.

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The BBC, 90 years of subverting Christianity in England

John Berger's life and death are being celebrated by the BBC today. His Ways of Seeing programme joins the BBC litany of works that "changed British culture".

The BBC's apparently guileless reporting disguises that fact that from its conception it sought to change British culture. In Music Mania I show how, 1 year after it was granted a Royal Charter, the BBC squandered £2,000 of public money to perform a work by Schoenberg. English composers were aghast that a German composer should be promoted instead of native talent. The amount of money was deemed obscene but was necessary to perform a work with 8 flutes, 5 oboes, 7 clarinets, 10 horns, 5 trumpets, 7 trombones, 6 kettle-drums (and other percussion), 4 harps, full strings, 5 solo singers, 3 male choirs and an 8-part mixed choir. In spite of criticism by the public, the BBC produced another Schoenberg work in 1930, even though in the eyes of the British public his name was "mud".

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Hubert Parry on BBC 4

Programme: The Prince and the Composer

Aired: Friday 10th February 2012

Hubert Parry is best known for two works: "Jerusalem" and "Dear Lord and Father of Mankind". A religious man, we might think. But no. His father's heart was made to ache by his son's rejection of Christianity.

He reminds me of Samuel Wesley, son of Charles Wesley, who left Methodism and became a Roman Catholic (while the work was there). And he in turn reminds me of so many men who have composed grand music "for the Church" from outside the Church. 

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