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his life, told by Mrs. Mary Unwin, with a selection of his poems

"Mr. Cowper once said to me that he had no more right to the name of poet than a maker of mousetraps has to that of an engineer. I disagreed and was happy to be proved correct in my estimate of his ability. My son William was his confidant on matters poetical but I was granted the seal of approval. Mr. Cowper called me his “Lady Chamberlain” and would not let a verse pass if I did not approve it first. " (p.77)

158 pages, Paperback / Audiobook on CD, Author: Abigail J. Fox


William Cowper (1731-1800) was a nobleman who in 1757 was uprooted from all the props and comforts of his station and moved to live in the countryside. The local people were generally poor and called him Sir Cowper as a mark of respect. He lived quietly with the Unwin family and in time became the author of such poetry as "The Task". Some lines have become part of the English language in phrases such as "God moves in a mysterious way".

Cowper was far more complicated than stereotype ever allows. He was a man who could grow pineapples in England, tame wild hares and win the hearts of children; a man who could hold his own against his friend the Rev. John Newton and would not suffer a fool; a man who never married, once forbidden the woman he loved; a man who knew what he believed and when he lacked assurance, even then did not doubt the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


  1. Introduction

  2. From Home to Huntingdon

  3. The Weight of the Law

  4. From St. Albans to Olney

  5. Olney

  6. Life at Orchard Side

  7. Friendships Old and New

  8. From Olney to Weston via Troy

  9. Old Age

  10. End of Odyssey

  11. Conclusion

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Written and read by Abigail J. Fox

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