Film Score Portfolio

These films have been used online, on DVD and on television. The style of music in each video has been designed to meet the needs of the specific commissioning client. Sometimes the music is small and undemonstrative, so as not to distract from the visuals and/or voiceover. Other times the music, the music is expected to carry a moment or section of the film and therefore is permitted to dominate. 

The Importance of Being Earnest

A cinematic trailer for an amateur dramatic production, filmed at Poulton Hall.

Dan Solin: Keep it Simple

This film is one of around 25 commissioned by best-selling author Dan Solin to promote his financial advice service.

The soundworld of live jazzy clarinet was chosen because it would exude American confidence. The video was watched and then the composer improvised the clarinet in the recording studio. After producing about 20-25 minutes of audio tracks, the music was then sifted and a score was constructed to picture.

Active Cheshire

This film promotes the benefits of being active. It therefore needed a score that was positive and vibrant, that it felt but not dominating. When different people are being interviewed it is also necessary to produce a score that will not interfere with any of the voices, no matter the timbre. Given time constraints for the production team, I composed 12 tracks in advance. Each track could loop and be joined seamlessly to any other loop. This allowed the editor to construct a score structure, which came back to me for completion.

The Last Plantagenet

Lost in Castles' work on the preliminary tomb design was a prerequisite for the search for Richard III dig to take place in Leicester. Although this tomb was never constructed, this was the promotional video for it.

The score aims to show respect and deference due to the memory of an anointed King of England.

Between Worlds

Dramatic underscore for this excerpt from a film in German.

The score is dominated by strings and focuses on shifting sands of harmony rather than a melody per se

It is scored in spite of the language barrier because the actors' responses make an excellent silent film portrayal of the drama enacted.

National Kidney Federation TV Advert

This advert appeared on a multitude of TV channels, including Sky and Channel 5. The charity originally wanted to licence a popular song, but the cost was prohibitive and a score track was commissioned instead. I determined that the music needed a light touch so that it would add to the visuals but not be overtly manipulative.

Chester Dreaming

The director was commissioned to highlight creativity in Chester and did so by having things which would usually be done indoors (ballet, playing music etc) happen outdoors, in the lovely setting of the city itself.

The brief was to start out like John Barry and switch to John Williams halfway through. A challenge, but one I relished. The track was written during filming and therefore the film was edited to the music.

Mail Boxes Etc

A corporate promo with an uncluttered sound and an optimistic tone.

A Life at the Pictures

The director was commissioned to interview Joyce Cook. Great care was done to make the visuals more interesting than a talking head film. The musical score was designed to evoke the music of silent films, as though there is a pianist playing along to the film of Joyce Cook. A few happy nods to recognisable scores.

Police Crime Commissioner - Call 999

Chat Noir Productions Ltd. hired me to score this animation and its companion film on phoning 101. They were challenging in terms of finding a musical language that would engage children on a serious subject. Over-dramatic music would make the images comical. A fine balance.

Rhuddlan Castle: Gateway to Wales

Trailer music for Lost in Castle's feature-documentary on Rhuddlan Castle. 

Ghosts of the Odeon

The director was commissioned to use Chester Odeon for a film before the site was knocked down and redeveloped. The project follows a boy in the ruined cinema, haunted by fragments of films that have played there. All the music used in this film was lovingly recreated / imitated by me. It is not always easy, because a particular soundtrack may be recognisable as much by an unusual sound (Alien, Gremlins) as by the theme. I also provided all of the female vocal impersonations.

Active Cheshire: Pass on your passion

Another charity promo, this time looking at champions in Cheshire. A wide mixture of vocal timbres had to be accommodated and an over all happiness and pride was needed in the music, without pomposity.

Surecare Promo

A corporate promo, looking at franchise options for people in the world of care. The score is a filigree wallpaper effect, with lots of changes but nothing appearing to happen. Also watch for composer cameo at around 1' 19". The company could not provide an elderly person in home care, so I was given a company top and filmed with my Grandmother and spaniel for that scene.

Police Crime Commissioner - Call 101

The second of two videos to teach children which number to call when.

Active Cheshire: This Girl Can

The original TV adverts for This Girl Can used Missy Elliot's "Get ur freak on" as a soundtrack. Active Cheshire do not have funds to put to that use and so my director asked me to give an imitation of the track for this soundtrack. Whatever aspect I took from Missy Elliot was soon overwhelmed by the development of this track's own style, but the over all effect is hopefully just as successful. No vocals were used and this seemed appropriate given there are many talking heads in the video.

Conwy Castle: Medieval Masterpiece

The trailer for Lost in Castles' documentary-feature on the magnificent castle of Conwy in North Wales.

Journey's End, short film

This film was provided by a competition. It is highly unusual and has a poetry all of its own. The score had to be for oboe quintet.

Regenesis Biofuel

This punchy film needed a very lively score. It was co-written with Joseph A. Fox. 

Invasions, animated short film

My submitted score for a film scoring competition.

Bodrhyddan Hall Promo

A Classical style track for the promotional video of this lovely site in North Wales.

Pastiche from Scratch

The films below were commissioned to promote the branding of Chester Film Cooperative, by evoking the visual style and the soundtrack of famous films. The music is all recreated from scratch.