Conwy Castle Soundtrack - available now

Conwy CD.jpg

Conwy Castle: Medieval Masterpiece is a feature-length documentary from Lost in Castles. The score is around 90 minutes long and available now from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify ... the full soundtrack of Conwy Castle:

  1. The Conquest
  2. The Queen
  3. Saint George
  4. Come the Feast
  5. By Boat
  6. Glory and Honour
  7. Bread and Wolfhounds
  8. Gatekeeper
  9. Lost in the Skies
  10. Court of the King
  11. Sleeping Giant
  12. Beneath the Arches
  13. Frozen in Time
  14. Cellar to Chimney
  15. This was Conwy
  16. Shadow of Splendour