Saxon Song - available now

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It's with great pleasure I can finally share Saxon Song. The album began about 3 years ago, as a consequence of writing my first book on music Beauty and Joy: The Christian Nature of Music in which I defined music as a proclamation of worth. But what subjects are worthy? Or rather, what subjects are worthy enough for this composer to express at this time?

There is a complexity in how we perceive life today that undermines our estimation of what is worthy. For instance, we speak of love, but old English had a word that meant blessed love, we speak of home as a stopping off point, but old English had a word that meant the joy of home.

Saxon Song is a warm album, focusing on one virtue after another. The title does not refer to the musical style but that these were elements the Saxons thought worth singing about. Available from today on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes. 


  1. Eadnes / gentleness (i)
  2. Andet / confession
  3. Freod / friendship
  4. Aeristhyht / hope of Resurrection
  5. Bealuleas / innocent
  6. Leodwynn / joy of home
  7. Leafa / faith
  8. Lufsumness / kindness
  9. Begnornian / mourning
  10. Eadlufu / blessed love
  11. Eadness / gentleness (ii)