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Music Mania: How the Victorians joined the cult of Classical Music and why England has never been the same since

£9.99 (+£3 p&p) - Book details

Beauty & Joy: The Christian Nature of Music

£4.99 (+£2 p&p) - Book details

No Earthly Good? The Christian in Culture

£4.99 (+£2 p&p) - Book details

The Land of the Living: A Collection of Poems

£4.99 (+£2 p&p) Book details

The Life of William Cowper, as told by his friend Mrs Mary Unwin

£4.99 (+£2 p&p) Book details

December 2018: Stock of the book version is now gone. Double CD only available.

Hymns Most Perfect: An Essay on Psalmody

£14.99 / £9.99 (+£3 p&p) Book details

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Protestant Truth: The Lord's Supper & Justification

£2.99 (+£1 p&p) Book details

Lost in Castles DVDs

Conwy Castle: Medieval Masterpiece

£11.99 (+£1 p&p)

Sandal Castle & the Battle of Wakefield

£11.99 (+£1 p&p)

Middleham: A Castle Made for Kings

£11.99 (+£1 p&p)

Rhuddlan Castle: Gateway to Wales

Coming soon